Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Kindle Paperwhite Case

My Portenzo HardBack Cover for my Kindle Paperwhite has continued to show wear and tear must faster than I ever would have expected it to. I'm really shocked by how poorly it's held up and I'm very disappointed that I wasted money on it.  But the good news is that I ordered a new case from China, and it looks great and works much better than the Portenzo ever did (and it's holding up great too).

A user on a Reddit discussion about Kindle cases pointed to a case on a website called AliExpress.  In my opinion, the case was ugly. But I looked for more Kindle Paperwhite cases on the site and found this:


It comes in a large variety of colors, is incredibly thin and light, and it looks nice. I bought one in brown, and waited 15 days for it to be shipped from China, to LA, to Iowa. None of my problems with the Portenzo case are present in the Chinese case. The Kindle snaps into it instead of attaching with adhesive strips, the material is resistance to scratches and scuffs, and they didn't charge an extra $10 for a magnet that could keep the cover closed so it doesn't need  strap. If you're in the market for a Kindle Paperwhite case, I'd recommend taking a look.

Oh, and if you've ever considered buying somthing from AliExpress.com but were worried it might be a scam, I had a pleasant experience with them.

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