Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trying Out Blogger Again

A number of years ago I migrated my personal web log from Blogger to Wordpress. At the time, Blogger was a cluttered, outdated mess and Wordpress was a clean, simple haven of publishing goodness. Now, while the tables haven't completed turned, Blogger has certainly done a lot in the "catching up" department.

Blogger's new interface is much cleaner and more straightforward, and its templates are much easier on the eyes than they used to be. But more importantly to me, Blogger is integrated with Google+.  I rarely blog anymore, because everything I want to share is done so through Twitter or Google+.

So I'm trying out Blogger once again.  I won't make this one of those "I'm going to blog more often now" posts, as I've seen far too many of those as the most recent post on all but dormant blogs. But if this extra level of convenience does cause me to write a little more often, I won't complain.
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